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Let us introduce ourselves!


we take care of IT, you take care of your business.

Matjaž Vrečer

member of the board

Vlado Gobec

Chief Executive Officer

Sales and marketing

we take care of your purchases and after-sale activities

Ana Kuk

Head of sales department

+386 (0)3/757-39-06,

+386 (0)41 720 529


Kruno Kišič

Hardware sales department

+386 (0)3/757-39-20

+386 (0)41 780 671


Jasmina Mohorko

head of customer support

+386 (0)3/757-39-21


Accounting, customer support and products management

we take care of future development of the products, answer your questions and take care of the invoices

Iris Žerjav


+386 (0)3/757-39-21


Zlatko Novak

product manager

+386 (0)3/757-39-08


Why are we here?

Based on our field of expertise and our mission we want to become leading business software solutions provider for all of those who want something more. What does that mean? 

We want to be the first choice for those, who are opening the company and they want to become successful.

We want to be the first choice for those, who value the importance of connected processes.

We want to be the first choice for enterprenours, who value excelence and will recognize the potential of business software solutions which are tailored for their needs.

But mostly, we want to be the first choice for all of those, who value personal contact and want to succuessfuly overcome all business issues, without too much trouble.