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Customer relationship management

Customer relationship management

The purpose

The key of successful CRM is that it provides the possibility of easy to use recoding of all communciation between your employees and (potential) customers. In our CRM this is made in a way of writing down interactions, that can be manually created by employees or is it recorded automatically with the use of e-mail plugin.

The use

It allows keeping detailed records of business partners and business contacts. You can write all kinds of interactions that you have with someone: telephone conversations, e-mail, personal meetings, fax documents. You can plan the activities you intend to carry out, while CRM is responsible for fully integrated schedule, which shows all planned activity for an individual or group of employees. Basic Basic module can be easily upgraded to Pro.4 CRM Standard, which additionally enables Complaints and user-defined tools or Pro.4 CRM Advanced, which includes a module for debt recovery.


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