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Project management

Flexible solution for managing projects with the use of KANBAN methodology.

Project management

Project management

The purpose

Visualize your processes, collaborate more effectively with each other and identify opportunities for improvement of processes. Pro.4 Project management provides an overview of the respective statuses and activities on projects.

Pro.4 Project management solution is a point of contact of all the members working on various projects and helps you stay in contact with each other and with what's going on, no matter wheter they are located in the same room or in different geographical locations. It reduces the possibility of misunderstanding, unintentional oversights of important information and congestion at the nadover tasks. It makes it easy to make a comment, attach documents, report problems or errors and changing the status of tasks.

The use

In Pro.4 Project management, all tasks are represented as to-do cards. Add the upcoming task in the queue and prioritize them according to the importance. With workflow and calendar view, you can always be up to date with tasks and people working on them. Visualizing the work and tasks, while also taking care of bottlenecks and accelerators alows your team to gain an understanding of the activities and status of the project.


Ana Kuk
Head of sales department
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Information about Pro.4 Project Management

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