for management of buildings

Real estate management software

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Real estate management software

Real estate management software

The purpose

This software solution is designed for businesses that deal with the management of the premises and is perfectly adapted to their needs. It allows operation costs and management costs billings, reserve funds overview, rents, costs for current maintenance, costs for water, heat and other optional costs, that should be divided based on the number of people living in the building. It provides comprehensive record keeping of basic technical data as well. Those data are automaticaly updated with the changes of technical data of the real estate.

The use

You only need to enter the data once, entry is made in a systematic way so there is no double-entries. With this you save time and money. Basic codelist of partners, facilities, real estate, accounting data etc. is to be entered only once and after that you can use it through the whole software.


Ana Kuk
Head of sales department
tel: 03 757 39 06

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