for efficient management of travel orders

Travel orders

This solution is appropriate to companies with 1 or to up to few hundreds employees.

Travel orders

Travel orders

The purpose

This is simple and transparent solution for recording travel orders and other costs, that are connected with them. Mileage, tolls, parking, fuel, subsistence and accomodation, everything is covered. You can save the most common relations, access Google Maps, which suggests you the trip distance and wrap up all the work when you are finished. After that, all accounts are automatically connected to bookkeeping (if you choose to use the module Pro.4 Finances). 

The use

The use of Pro.4 Travel orders is as easy as it gets. There is no need for various entries, it works from in cloud, which means that you don't need to write down the data on paper and insert it later, but you can do it on the go. It is also possible to copy travel orders, that you make regularly and only re-entry the date. At the end of the month, you can make a print-out of all the travel orders, get an automatic analysis etc.


Ana Kuk
Head of sales department
tel: 03 757 39 06

Information about Pro.4 Travel orders

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