The investment is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the EU, using funds from the European Regional Development Fund.

In cooperation with our partners, we have received co-financing aid from the EU for the development of the "ECTA Blockchain Portal for Providers and Customers" project. The project is based on open-source software design, blockchain technology, and AI systems. Blockchain technology enables traceability, transparency, simplicity, and equity. The main idea of the project is to connect the people offering their skills (providers) and the people wanting to make use of said skills (customers) in an efficient and fair manner. The project connects several areas that have not yet been connected before: the field of human resources, the area of blockchain enabling technologies, and artificial intelligence. The ECTA ecosystem operating in this manner represents the service which is the common denominator of social networks for professionals (e.g. LinkedIn), online portals for freelancers (e.g. Fiverr), employment agencies, notaries and lawyers, and courts. ECTA will facilitate the verification of most information through blockchain. Thanks to ECTA, CVs will become a thing of the past: certificates, grades, work history, projects, and other experiences will be easy to verify and prominently displayed to directly connected people (potential employers, customers, other buyers). All of the aforementioned data pertaining to an individual (certificates, education, grades, work history, projects, experiences) will be entered and/or confirmed by blockchains, thus enabling the establishment of an audit trail. In practice, this means that a non-fungible token (ECTA skill) will be issued for every training, reference etc. Contrary to fungible tokens (such as bitcoins), it will not be possible to exchange or change said non-fungible tokens, which will also be traceable and transparent. Through blockchain technology, we will therefore also prevent false data entries and references. This development represents a new chapter in the field of blockchain market development.

The investment is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the EU, using funds from the European Regional Development Fund.

Purpose of the investment: The project will result in a demonstration of the operation of a cloud-based ECTA project, connecting temp work providers with customers in need of their services in a safe manner, using AI algorithms and ECTA PAY tokens on the one hand, and ECTA SKILLS tokens on the other hand.

Project partners: PRO-BIT d.o.o., QUAMA d.o.o., MINICOM d.o.o., KAZOJA d.o.o. in STROKA d.o.o.

Amount of co-financing: 1.468.638,93 €

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